Health and Beauty tips from Heidi's guest writer:

 Jamie Juergens, of Mary Kay

Proper skincare is the most important part of planning your wedding look! Get into a skincare routine and moisturize your skin regularly. No amount of makeup will cover up bad skin. Don't try new skincare products within a couple weeks of your wedding. Meet with a beauty consultant about 8 weeks prior to your wedding.

Don't wear the same color shades in your wedding that you wore in previous seasons. Update your look according to the season of your wedding.

Avoid tanning beds. If you want to appear tan use a bronzer on your face, neck, and chest. Powder or bronzer is necessary to make sure your neck matches the makeup on your face. Apply powder or bronzer with a good brush.

Wear an eyeshadow base. It will keep eye color on longer, and prevents color from creasing.

Use blotting papers to absorb oil rather than continually reapplying powder. Mary Kay has two wonderful products- an oil mattifier worn underneath makeup, and beauty blotters to absorb excess oil.

Be careful not to wear too much shimmer. Glittery is a popular look right now, but it won't look at all natural when you look back on your wedding photos.

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More makeup tips:

I ordered my wedding day foundation from, a makeup company I fell in love with when I lived in New York. Here are their favorite beauty tips:

bulletWhenever we have a late night, be it working or out on the town, we rely on this tip the morning after to better face the day.
TIP: To make the eyes appear larger and more awake, dab a highlighter in the inner corners and gently pat into place. The shimmer in the highlighter reflects light, making the eyes look bigger and brighter.
  bulletA flawless complexion is a must, but some days we just don't feel like wearing makeup (think weekends, vacation). What's a girl to do? Thanks to this tip from our very own Sephora makeup team, we now have a clue.
TIP: When you want to go virtually makeup-free, blend one part foundation with one part moisturizer and smooth over skin. The moisturizer dilutes the foundation, providing a super sheer, silky coverage.
  bulletWe don't know about you, but our lips are not nearly as plump as they were when we were fifteen. After being tipped off to this trick, we now have something to pout about.
TIP: Post lip color application, dab a light, shimmering lip gloss in the center of the lips to make them appear fuller.
  bulletGot split ends, and your stylist is booked for the next week? Look no further than this tip to help you fake freshly cut, healthy hair.
TIP: After blow drying, flat iron the hair for a neat, clean finish. Then, run a silicone-based serum through the hair, focusing on the ends where it's more coarse and brittle. Voila! Healthy-looking hair.
  bulletJust because summer is over doesn't mean we have to let go of our glow. At a recent photo shoot, a makeup artist gave us the scoop on how to stay beautifully bronzed through the fall.
TIP: Mix a few drops of self tanner with your favorite body lotion and smooth over skin. The lotion mutes the color, leaving you with a soft, subtle glow.
  bulletFor years we've been spritzing our wrists and rubbing in the scent. But according to one of our brand experts, that's a big fragrance no no.
TIP: Rubbing your wrists together after spraying bruises the fragrance. The heat generated from rubbing breaks down the top notes of the scent. Instead, spray and let it stay.